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Jude Tarrant


Rain falls from the sky as the source of life on Earth and also symbolic of water used for cleansing and healing.

The dove of the Holy Spirit is held in a beam of light. As it descends the shape becomes less distinct and it merges with the waters below, falling softly as feathers which rest upon the water – becoming one with it. The water here is contained, as if by hands or a bowl or font – receiving and holding the blessing.

baptism window top

On the theme of the Rosary of the Mysteries of Light 2006-10

Nave window, St Colman’s Church, Cosham, Portsmouth, Hampshire

Baptism Rosary windowsHoly Spirit Baptism windowbaptism inscription

The waters of the Jordan below are more troubled – symbolising our turbulent emotions, and the confusion and busy chaos of our mundane lives. Our hope and salvation through Christ is written below:

“This is my Son the Beloved. Listen to Him.”

Holy Spirit descending