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Jude Tarrant

“The earth is the Lord’s” - Psalm 24 ~ Vs 1

This wonderfully colourful window celebrates the beauty of the natural world and God’s creation, illustrating Psalm 24 Vs 1: “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof; the world and everything in it”.

When the sun streams through the window as it sets in the west, a flood of colour washes the walls and floor, creating a magical projection into the deep recess of the window.

All Saints Church, Denmead, Hampshire ~2013 ~

Central lancet window to the west end

There is an album set of our recent photos of these windows at http://www.flickr.com/photos/stainedglassartist/sets/72157637633086574/ if you are unable to visit the church and view the window itself.

Symbolism of the window includes various flora and fauna, and species to be found locally to this Hampshire village:

Bee/honey cells; foxgloves; blackberries; hare; thrush; fish; shells; snail; dragonfly; blue tits; butterflies; beetle; vine & corn (references to the Eucharist); harvest mice in nest; squirrel; dog rose; wild bee orchid; foxgloves; snowdrops; bluebells; oak & acorns; and a spider on a web.

“The Earth is the Lord’s window” stained glass Gallery