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Jude Tarrant

Recent Work

This stained glass window commission at St Nicholas’s Church in Longparish, Hampshire UK is on the theme of ‘The Four Seasons’ and illustrates Psalm 1:3

The window design has references to the nearby beautiful River Test and surrounding nature to illustrate the Psalm.

Stained Glass Designer Maker

Jude Tarrant, stained glass artist, glass painter and designer maker, brings a high level of skill and technical mastery of traditional glass decorating methods to contemporary design

Artist Stained Glass |Church Window Commissions | Contemporary Glass Artist | Glass Painter | Stained Glass Artist |Jude Tarrant

Glass Painter

As an artist I find stained glass to be compelling and fascinating, having qualities both captivating and challenging by the very nature of the materials used in its construction. A stained glass designer must acknowledge the combination of glass and lead as a very stable and strong building material but also remember that glass is brittle and easily broken when stressed in the wrong way. The lead and steel which holds the glass matrix could be seen to be obtrusive and constraining to free design, however when understood and embraced as a structural element it can become a strong linear statement in the design itself, either lyrical and expressive or bold and geometric.

The Wonderful Challenge of being a Designer Maker of Stained Glass

I find that I love to work with the challenges imposed by this unyielding material, allowing myself to discover new ways of expression and as a contemporary glass artist and designer maker with over thirty years of experience working with public and private sector clients I have acquired a deep understanding of how to work with this material, using traditional methods of applying heat and the metallic oxides of glass painting with printing and etching to produce stained glass that is in harmony with the building. I find new inspirations from nature and abstract design to bring to this ancient craft of stained glass windows.  Working as a glass painter with light and colour within a variety of buildings has provided endless scope for using my creative imagination in stained glass design.

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Remembrance 'Poppy' WW1 memorial contemporary stained glass window design 'Poppy' Remembrance WW1 memorial stained glass window St John's School Chapel

Church Window Commissions

Symbolism is used a great deal in my stained glass design for church window commissions and work for other places of worship, both as a means of communication beyond words and at the same time being open to personal interpretation. For example, as a poppy is a powerful symbol of remembrance and regeneration it can relate as a WW1 memorial, and also to the Eucharist and the blood of the Passion. Symbols and colour can transform us, uplift our moods, and change the way that we respond to our perceptions and memory. See more church window commissions in the gallery pages.

Contemporary Stained Glass Artist

Painted elements are often figurative and abstract forms drawn from historical and contemporary sources, although I do also sometimes design purely abstract work relying solely on colour and shape to define meaning, to challenge the imagination and stimulate the mind. I love the subtle colour graduations and effects possible from the acid etching of glass, so I use this difficult technique quite often in my art glass commissions as the result is always worth the effort and time spent. Removing colour in slow stages is as close as I usually come as a stained glass artist to altering the colour of a sheet of glass. The process is subtractive rather than additive, unlike most forms of painting where the artist can lay colour on with a brush, although the stained glass artist can also add silver nitrate stain to the glass surface, where beautiful hues of yellow and amber result after kiln firing. This too is a wonderful technique to play with the light, another source of exciting possibilities to explore as a glass painter.

‘Remembrance Window’ ~ St John’s School Chapel, Surrey

I like to embrace the tenet that good architectural stained glass design should never disregards its environment.

I like to create contemporary work that sits well with the historic interior of the church or place of worship

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